SleepMagic Intelligent Anti-Snoring Eyemask

Getting to Know SleepMagic

Quality Sleep is very important to our physical and psychological health. However, if you are snoring while you sleep, it will geatly reduce the quality of sleep and have the opportunity to cause physical and mental problems. SleepMagic is designed to reduce snoring and improve sleep quality and health.

How does SleepMagic Work

  • SleepMagic is worn like a regular sleep mask. While it is being used, acoustic check for snoring noises are carried out. In addition to audible sounds, snoring causes vibrations. These travel through the cranial bones and are likewise pick up and evaluated by SleepMagic.
  • Once sounds and vabriations are recognized, the Control Unit begins to vibrate. The intensity of this vibrating pulse increases from a low level until the desired result is achieved.
  • The throat muscles become firm and the airways open as a reaction to the vibration. Breathing is calmed and the snoring sound decreases.
  • An additional effect is the training of the throat muscles. In the long term this can result in a lasting reduction in snoring.


  • Minimize snoring
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Display sleep record from Smartphone
  • Number of snore per night
  • Succesful rate to stop snoring
  • Sleep Quality score
  • Sleep recording chat
  • Detachable control unit
  • Hand washable eye mask

Price SG$169