The AirBolt: The Truly Smart Lock

A Travel Lock... Redefined
The AirBolt is a Bluetooth enabled smart lock that talks to your smartphone to unlock.

The AirBolt will talk to your device via an app and unlock with a single push of a button as long as you are the owner and your smart phone is within range of the AirBolt. To prevent accidental unlocking, the AirBolt will simply re-lock itself if the rope is not taken out of the locking mechanism.

Landing at your destination and finding out that your luggage hasn't made it is a very real scenario that millions of people face every year - about 24.1 million bags were mishandled in 2014.

With the AirBolt's crowdsourced GPS network, you'll be able to see your luggage's last seen location. This is particularly helpful if you reached your destination from a multi-stopover flight and reduces the hassle in communicating and tracking your luggage with the Airline staff! You may even be able to have your luggage returned to you much faster.

Imagine this: You've made it past security and are grabbing a coffee in the waiting lounge. Your flight suddenly makes a final boarding announcement and in a hurry to rush to the gate, you leave a piece of your luggage behind.

With the AirBolt, you can set distance controls which alert you either via the app or by using the built in buzzer on the AirBolt if you get separated from your luggage. Also particularly handy if someone is trying to be sneaky and run off with your luggage! You can also set off an alarm manually if you can't find your AirBolt, or if your luggage is somewhere around you but can't be found.

The AirBolt goes above and beyond simply pair and unlock.

Should you choose, you can protect your luggage further by adding a security pin to prevent unauthorised access by someone who just happens to have your phone. The AirBolt is TSA Accepted but you can revoke access electronically if you are travelling to or from a destination that does not require TSA access.

Warranty 12 months from date of purchase applies to internal parts and locking mechanism only. Breakage or external damages will not be covered.

Price SG$79